The ‘Plastic Avengers Conference’ was held in Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam on the 8th of February 2019. More than 130 independent ‘Plastic Warriors’ and specialists came together to unite, empower and debate a sustainable future for plastics without pollution.

PAC2019 and the Manifest are a Plastic Soup Surfer and Zwerfinator initiative.

Magazine on the Spot covered the Plastic Avengers Conference in photos, content, quotes and video: Click here to visit . (In Dutch)

Source: Magazine on the Spot

The Plastic Avenger Manifest sidekicks during the conference are independent NGO’s like Greenpeace, Plastic Soup Foundation, Recycling Netwerk, Natuur&Milieu, Waste Free Oceans

The Plastic Avengers Conference Amsterdam 2019 is supported by: Dopper, Suez, Litterati, Sodastream, Horchner advocaten, Datema, Middlepoint,Fujitsu components and Natuurzaam.